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Interior Design and Interior Decor – Some Definitions

Interior decoration and interior design, though related disciplines, differ in their application. The interior decoration is the process of decorating a house with regard to finishes (for example, wallpaper and paint, the choice of furniture and facilities, as well as the addition finishing touches and decorations such as paintings and art objects. "feel" in a house, but essentially, the underlying structure of the house has not changed.

Interior decoration is usually done professionally by interior decorators, although the recent trend is to make people familiar with interior decorating through various courses or books, and then apply the techniques themselves, usually with a limited budget. The main objective of the interior decoration is to make a home pleasant and at the same time unique, since it must reflect the personality and the specific tastes of the owner.

In contrast, interior design is more integrated with the architecture of a building and a professional interior architect will work closely with architects and builders to make choices regarding the integral design of the building. house or building. This includes examining choices regarding the layout of the pieces, the choice of cabinets and tiles and many other design factors. While the interior design budget for new developments was minimal, it is now recognized that incorporating interior design into the project means the difference between a commonplace development and a development. contributing to branding and lifestyle. of the project. The money spent on interior decoration is therefore considered as a profitable investment in the entire real estate development process.

Homeowners are spending more and more to improve their homes. Since it's relatively easy to change the look of a home by changing the finishes and accessories, a large part of this money is for interior decoration. The growing popularity of home-made interior decoration has spawned an entire industry around interior decoration courses, books and television shows, which have become a popular pastime for married couples. Innovative interior decorating ideas, which cost less while giving an impression of style and class, are in vogue.

Young entrepreneurs have also found the gap and there is a growing demand for information and courses on how to break into the interior decorating industry. This has also energized the interior decoration industry.

While the recent trend is for people to tackle the exciting task of transforming a home themselves, it must be recognized that this is more of a home d├ęcor issue. The interior design still requires a study of the interior design context, the theory of good design, the knowledge of technical advances in the engineering sector for residential and commercial buildings as well as as the latest trends and advances in the interior design sector.

In short, an interior design project in which all design elements come together always falls to the professional designer who should be able to carry out projects exceeding the limits of the hobby hobby.

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