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Creative interior decorating ideas

Creative interior decorating ideas

Designing interiors can be daunting task if you do not know how to go about it. To be able to come up with a good and viable design, it is important to understand a few basic aspects- aesthetics, viability and technicality.


One ground rule to get the aesthetics right is to take stalk of the situation and condition of your house.  Go over the things that you have which can be used with slight revamping to decorate your house. Light shades of colors for the paint and intelligently placed decorative mirrors which reflect the natural light make the place look bigger, while dark colors visually shrink the space.


Retain old furniture that is in good condition. Add new and modern pieces of furniture to create an eclectic blend of design elements. Use furniture that has multiple uses like extra storage capacity to reduce the clutter. Old furniture apart from being comfortable, lend character and a well lived in look to the house.

Just light up

Check the lighting and find out ways of improving it. Use different sources of light to highlight or give ambient light to the area and to highlight any painting or art work. Having large widows will ensure letting in a lot of fresh air and light thus saving on energy.

Nature’s bounty

Go the natural way….include a lot of greenery to your décor. Plants not only contribute to purifying the air around, but they also add a bright splash of color and aroma without making it looking garish.


If the flooring has to be changed then try to install light reflecting solutions like tiles. If you want to retain the existing wooden floor try revamping it with a few easy and inexpensive methods like polishing the floor boards with a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice. This not only polishes the floor but gives it a naturally fresh and tangy aroma.